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Active Lightning Protection System with Active Lightning Conductors of WAT Franklinplus

Active lightning conductors represent atmospheric high-voltage equipment made from stainless steel which contains neither radioactive nor electric voltage devices. An air terminal radiates a high-voltage signal of the exact determined and controlled frequency and amplitude. It is obtaining its energy from the surrounding electric field during a storm. As results of this activity, lightning discharge shall be caught and led down to a particular earthing point. There is a protected zone above protected structures created such a way.

The WAT Franklinplus system represents a new production technology of active lightning conductors based on research results in the field of plasma phenomena along with utilization of the laser electronic technology, which is connected with essential increasing of both accuracy and reliability. Thanks to their rugged construction, the WAT Franklinplus active lightning conductors are able to work impeccable even under very adverse climatic conditions during all their operating life of at least 50 years.

Primary Advantages of the Active Lightning Protection

They consist in prevention of by-discharges (so called "little brothers") during a thunder-stroke, minimal roof covering and building structure disturbance, trouble free composition of conductors and down leads into the advanced building architecture, high protection degree of both electrical and electronic equipment of buildings, minimal repair, maintenance and inspection costs, less complicated groundwork in citizen build-up areas.

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