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About Our Company

The Ab-TROM s.r.o. Company was established in 2000. It has used rich experience in field of structure protection against negative effects of atmospheric electricity, which our engineers and development workers have gained since 1987. In the year 1992 Czechoslovak authorities called the workers on verification and consequently type certification of an active lightning conductor system (ESE) in our republic area. Since that time our workers have been invariably educated in field of engineering, physics and electronic in reference to lightning protection technology. Nowadays our company is engaged in design, assembly, inspection and service of these systems not only in the Czech Republic area but even abroad. The company secures sale of the WAT heads and lightning counters of ATR 1 as well.

The WAT Franklinplus gripper testing at independent high-voltage laboratories<

By means of the WAT Franklinplus gripper testing at independent high-voltage laboratories it has been proved that the active lightning conductor efficiency is in accordance with standard STN 341391 or NF C 17-102. Issued certificates confirm these facts.